Kitty and Cheeky met while attending grad school for Arts and Cultural Management. After discovering a mutual interest in dive bars and progressive activism, we teamed up to create Cheeky Kitty.

Cheeky Kitty’s mission is to Modernize Kitsch for Minnesotans with Morals but we are also adamant supporters of our community. Our goal is to help engage others in fun, modern events that support local charities and nonprofits by giving as much as possible back to the charitable organizations our events benefit. It is our responsibility to not only add some more fun into getting involved but to also be transparent with our fellow activists in every way we can!


Cheeky (fb | insta) With a BA in Arts, Entertainment, & Media Management (Columbia College Chicago), MA in Arts & Cultural Management (St. Mary’s), and a new adventure towards an Masters of Library and Information Science (St. Kate’s), this reformed figure skater and recovering emo trash is a total nerd for community engagement and lifelong learning. Cheeky has worked for several large Minnesota cultural institutions, focusing on theater and museum management.

Self-described pop culture aficionado & Cher fanatic, Kitty (fb | insta), works by day at a Fortune 500 company but makes sure to keep creative engagement a major focus in her life. Kitty holds a BA in Art History with a minor in Anthropology (University of Minnesota) and an MA in Arts & Cultural Management (St. Mary's). Kitty is also a Super Activist for Planned Parenthood MN, ND, SD Action Fund. She keeps one foot solidly in the arts by volunteering for local organizations, and community arts programs, formerly serving as the Executive Director of the Maple Grove Arts Center. 


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